brothers on wheels
brothers on wheels
And when I touched her skin my fingers ran with blood
What's your thesis about?

oh god thanks for your interest:)

my thesis is about progressive education, a pedagogical movement of the 19th century. i focus on the authors that inspired it (that is rousseau, pestalozzi, froebel and herbart), the new school (dewey, decroly, montessori, freinet…) and the anti-authoritarian pedagogy (neill, ferrer i guàrdia…………….)

i didn’t choose anything related to cinema bc i decided it would be best not to for i deeply love cinema and didn’t want to relate it to highschool shit

also it’s really interesting

i used to think art here in spain was shit but

believe me it’s not

in barcelona there’s a kind of audiovisuals/comedy vanguard

that has changed my whole vision of everything

i’ve been using another tumblr lately


but i kinda miss this one

talk to me

i have to work on my thesis

talk to me please


What's your name?

my name is lucía

i hate my name

i don’t like i’s

you can call me mrs jarmusch

no matter how much it takes i’m seeing jack this year

if you see a photo of the nimes public tell me

can i remind that i own pat’s drumstick

can i remind that i’ve seen the kills

and that i was the only fan 

and that jamie looked at me

and alison sang the no wow chorus looking straight into my eyes

story of my life:

i want to die bc i love jim jarmusch so much